Probisana, probiotic hygiene for your home and your entire family

Cleaning products and personal hygiene products are often very unhealthy. Some products can even be Cleaning agents and products for personal care and hygiene are often unhealthy. Some products are even harmful and dangerous for both people and the environment.

Aggressive chemical cleaning agents, even those promoted as being environmentally-friendly, disrupt the delicate balance of microflora, creating an unhealthy living environment in the process. They also promote the growth of resistant bad bacteria and increase the risk of infections and allergies.

Free from aluminium and parabens

Our Probisana range of personal care products contains no aluminium zirconium, aluminium chlorhydrates (which are often found in deodorants) and parabens (often found in body lotions and creams). These substances can cause irritations and symptoms in many people and may even be carcinogenic.

Safe for young and old

Probisana products are made using 100% natural active ingredients and are enriched with active probiotics. All products are anti-allergenic and dramatically reduce the risk of allergies and infections. Probisana products are also good for the environment.

Have you had enough of chemical, toxic products? Do you want a healthier lifestyle? Make a sweeping change today and choose Probisana’s unique, probiotic cleaning and skin care products. Probisana is a revolutionary, organic product with a host of scientifically proven benefits.


Home Care

Cleaning with probiotic cleaning agents will make your home healthier. Organic probiotics create perfect microflora in your home. They reduce the risk of allergens and infections, while actively preventing unpleasant odours. Probisana has everything you need on a daily basis to deep-clean your home right down to the microscopic level with complete respect for your family and the environment.


Personal Care

Unhealthy microflora on our body is the cause of various ailments and illnesses, such as fungus, acne, body odour and infections. Daily use of Probisana’s personal care products encourages healthy microflora on our body. Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, Probisana promotes and repairs the microflora on our skin and contributes to our general well-being. Probisana has a range of products for the entire family from young to old.

Discover Probisana’s unique products for total healthy hygiene for both your home and yourself. Choosing Probisana means choosing a healthier life!