Probicura Foot Spray

Probicura Foot Spray is an effective, environmentally-friendly probiotic foot spray with 100% natural ingredients. It actively combats odours and promotes healthy microflora on your feet.

  • Minimizes the risk of foot fungal infections
  • Natural, active odour control
  • Restores the microflora on your feet
  • Contains no alcohol and therefore will not dehydrate your feet
  • Perfect for swimmers and athletes

How to use Probicura Foot Spray

Shake briefly before use. Spray sparingly. Initial dose: A short spray daily. Maintenance dose: A short spray every 3 days.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that greatly reduce the risk of harmful germs and have a beneficial effect on the problems caused by these germs.

Why use Probicura?

Probicura is the highest-quality range of organic care products on the market. Probicura products make both you and your home healthier, because they are enriched with 100% natural probiotics. This creates the perfect microflora and reduces the risk of allergies. These products lower the risk of infections and actively prevent unpleasant odours.

A choice for Probicura is a choice for healthier living!