Probicura, a superior range of care products enriched with 100% natural ingredients

Thanks to Probicura’s revolutionary products you can make a radical decision today that will change both you and your family’s life for ever.

In contrast to many chemical products, Probicura’s products are based on 100% natural active ingredients. They do not contain any toxic ingredients or parabens, but are enriched with superior, active probiotics that have a beneficial effect on people, animals and the environment. This organic product is the result of 12 years of intensive research into probiotics. Finally there are hygiene products that are healthy for both people and the environment!


Probicura products are anti-allergenic and drastically reduce the risk of allergies and infections. They have been dermatologically tested and promote the restoration of natural microflora. Probicura is a superior organic range, developed and produced in Belgium, that enhances the quality of life for you and entire family.

Safe for everyone

Probicura is completely safe for children from birth. These products are also safe for pregnant women and diabetics.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that greatly reduce the risk of harmful germs and have a beneficial effect on the problems caused by these germs.

Why use Probicura?

Probicura is the highest-quality range of organic care products on the market. Probicura products make both you and your home healthier, because they are enriched with 100% natural probiotics. This creates the perfect microflora and reduces the risk of allergies. These products lower the risk of infections and actively prevent unpleasant odours.

A choice for Probicura is a choice for healthier living!