PIP Pond Koi

PIP Pond Plus and PIP Pond Start for Koi ponds

PIP Pond Plus and PIP Pond Start introduce good bacteria into water, immediately removing all superfluous nutrients that would otherwise be available to germs. As PIP bacteria are very active, they soon dominate a water system to ensure healthy and stable microflora. Biofilm formed in ponds that make the water cloudy, pollute the filter and develop pathogens are broken down in the short term.

Start situation

After 4 weeks PIP Pond Koi treatment

The result is a clear, pure pond with healthy and hygienic water. PIP Pond Plus and PIP Pond Start are not disinfectants and do not kill other bacteria. Therefore, they cannot cause resistance among pathogens. PIP Pond Plus and PIP Pond Start ensure a healthy microbial balance in your pond water.

Prepare with PIP Pond Start

PIP Pond Start is a powerful probiotic concentrate to prepare your pond for the new season. In many ponds, the formation of biofilm pollutes the filter, clouds the water and promotes the development of pathogens. PIP Pond Start has an active effect on the binding matrix components of the biofilm, making the water once more clear, pure and hygienic.


The best effect with PIP Pond Plus is achieved when nothing more is added. PIP bacteria also stimulate the necessary nitrogen cycle in the filters. If medication is nonetheless required, we recommend adding PIP Pond Plus immediately after treatment to stabilize the microflora quickly. The probiotic bacteria in PIP products colonise the environment, creating stable microflora. The effect lasts for days, but it is necessary to add new PIP bacteria frequently for optimal results. It is not recommended to discontinue use for longer than 14 days.


Safe and environmentally friendly

PIP Pond Plus is neutral, harmless, completely biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-foaming and non-inflammable. This product is completely safe for people and animals. An overdose will not damage your pond. Over-concentrated use of PIP products will only lead to a higher number of good bacteria. This will only have a positive effect and prolong the effect.

Storage advice

As the product contains living probiotic bacteria, it should be stored at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.