Warm and cosy, or cool and refreshing? Enjoy allergen-free air in your car, both winter and summer!

Although air contains little or no nutrients in which anything can survive, it is the ideal channel for distributing micro-organisms, allergens and other substances and transferring them to people and animals. It is therefore important to prevent air pollution and to purify polluted air as thoroughly as possible.

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems are places where dirt and condensation water can collect. This makes them a breeding ground for micro-organisms, including pathogens, which are then blown continuously into the interior and inhaled by everyone in the vehicle.

The chemical products that are currently used to treat air are dangerous products that can seriously harm both human and animal health. The active ingredients in these chemical products are also harmful to the environment.

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Every purchase of Kurina spray entitles you to one entry ticket to a spectacular race at Zolder race track, where you may even meet Chrisal/Kurina driver Niels Lagrange.

Reduces allergens

Kurina spray significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions, is easy to use and has a long-lasting effect.


100% natural ingredients

Probiotic air treatment with Chrisal’s revolutionary Kurina Airco Cleaner contains 100% natural micro-organisms. These probiotics are derived from nature and were selected for their ability to swiftly remove organic pollution so that it does not stay in the air system. They also greatly reduce the risk of harmful micro-organisms (pathogens) and actively prevent unpleasant odours in any car.

Probiotic Kurina Airco cleaner deep cleans all air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems and is completely safe for people animals and the environment. Breathe healthier air in your car, winter or summer. Kurina reduces the risk of allergic reactions (sneezing, watering eyes) so that you can drive safer!

Kurina has the following benefits:

  • Pure and clean ventilation, heating and air conditioning
  • Actively combats unpleasant odours
  • Reduces the risk of allergens
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Efficient and long-lasting effect (6 months/spray)
  • Extremely easy to use ( 4-5 minutes)
  • Microscopic deep cleaning
  • For all cars, vans and lorries
  • Safe for all air conditioning systems and interiors
  • Safe for people, animals and the environment

How do you use Kurina?

If you spend a lot of time in the car, use Kurina twice a year. If you do not drive much, one treatment per year is enough to ensure healthy air both winter and summer with less risk of allergies for all the passengers. Use Kurina, even if you have a new car, as it will keep your air conditioning free of pollutants for longer.

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Set the ventilation at "inner circulation"
Step 1
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Turn the ventilation to maximum speed
Step 2
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Shake the Kurina spray can well
Step 3
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Place the Kurina spray can in front of the passenger seat
Step 4
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Activate the Kurina spray can, get out, close the doors and windows
Step 5
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Wait for two minutes after the Kurina spray can is empty
Step 6
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