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The Economic range by Chrisal, highly versatile cleaners and degreasers, usable in many ways and situations.



Economic PRO

Economic PRO is a super concentrated all-purpose cleaner, enriched with probiotics. Suitable for cleaning all types of organic dirt on any surface. Very powerful action. Is safe to use on all washable surfaces. Modern detergents combined with probiotics provide microscopic deep cleaning. Reduces the risk of unpleasant odours. Encourages a healthy microflora.


Economic is an extremely versatile and highly effective cleaner and degreaser, suitable for use in numerous applications. It is an alkaline, water-based product. Cleans and degreases deeper and faster, with time savings of up to 70%. Is safe to use on all washable surfaces. Removes all dirt effortlessly from any surface. Is highly concentrated and as a result extremely cost-effective in use.