All Friends Animal House Stabilizer

Use to refresh regularly between foam cleans

Chrisal’s All Friends Animal House Stabilizer has been specially developed for use in-between foam cleaning sessions. This probiotic liquid can be sprayed sparingly in all animal housing to maintain the number of probiotics and combat unpleasant odours. It also combats the ammonia smell in bird cages.


Combine with our All Friends Animal House Cleaner

This product should be used in addition to All Friends Animal House Cleaner. Just a simple spray will give you the maximum benefits of probiotics between cleaning sessions. The probiotics create a healthy microflora in the environment, reduce the risk of germs and allergens, actively remove dirt and combat odours.

How do you use All Friends Animal House Stabilizer

It is best not to dilute it. Use twice a week for optimal results. Spray sparingly without making the surface wet.

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