All Friends Animal Cat Box Fresh

Remove unpleasant smells with probiotics

All Friends Animal Cat Box Fresh from Chrisal is a probiotic spray especially for cat litter trays. Litter trays are often a source of extremely unpleasant smells that spread throughout the entire house. The probiotics in this product actively remove the smells. They also promote healthy microflora in the environment and significantly reduce the risk of germs.

Box Fresh also keeps cat litter fresher for longer

Chrisal developed All Friends Animal Cat Box Fresh because we know that there is not always time to clean or refresh the litter tray. Smells can be reduced by spraying the litter tray with an easy-to-use spray. The litter lasts longer and needs to be replaced less frequently.


Safe for people, pets and the environment

All Friends Animal Cat Box Fresh can also be used to keep cats’ baskets or other favourite spots odour-free. This spray is 100% natural and safe. Thanks to the probiotics, it is also good for the environment.

How do you use All Friends Cat Box Fresh?

Spray All Friends Animal Cat Box Fresh on the cat litter tray once a day, taking care not to make it wet. You can also spray the litter tray just after it has been changed to keep it clean for longer.

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