All Friends Animal Allergen Spray

Remove allergens using probiotics

Chrisal’s All Friends Animal Allergen Spray is a probiotic allergen spray for animals and their surroundings. The probiotics actively remove allergens, promote healthy microflora in the environment and reduce the risk of germs.

Reduce skin problems in your pet

Many animals have skin problems or allergies. Their fur or coat often attracts dirt, allergens and harmful micro-organisms. Chrisal developed this probiotic spray to keep your pet’s fur or coat as clean as possible.


Safe for people, pets and the environment

Regular use of All Friends Animal Allergen Spray is not only good for your pet, but also for people who are allergic to substances in animal hair or fur. Your pet will be healthier, and you will enjoy its company even more.

Probiotic All Friends Animal Allergen Spray promotes healthy microflora on animals. These probiotics greatly reduce the risk of other, harmful micro-organisms. Not only are they 100% natural and safe, they also actively contribute to sustaining the environment.

How do you use All Friends Allergen Spray

Spray All Friends Animal Allergen Spray every day (for the first week) on your pet and places where it spends a lot of time without making either wet. After this, twice a week is enough.

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