Chrisal has developed a range of probiotic products for use in water. Most water systems suffer from the same sort of problems such as biofilm formation, algae, odours and germs. All these problems have a microbial nature and can be solved and avoided by using Chrisal probiotic products. The products are currently used in aquaculture, Koi ponds, golf ponds, aquariums, cooling water processes, lakes and swimming ponds. Given that the potential industrial applications are very diverse, it is always advisable to have a Chrisal representative contact you. During an on-site visit, the best possible product can be chosen.

Because of its unique physical and chemical properties water is a valuable ‘product’ that can hardly be replaced by something else. Also, it is used in many types of recreation such as wellness, swimming pools, whirlpools, and of course to create ponds. Also, water is a very important ‘tool’ in many industrial production processes. However, water is also the source of all life and this causes a series of side effects that can become very problematic in a number of applications of water.

Given the major importance of a good natural microbial balance in water, Chrisal has developed a probiotic product range to solve problems related to water in a natural way. This document gives a general overview of what Chrisal has to offer to the world of water. We are happy to answer all of your specific questions you might have after reading this document.

BAC Grease trapIndustrial (waste) water treatment
BAC Waste Water controllerIndustrial (waste) water treatment
BAC Unblocking agentPreventive pipe cleaner
PIP Aqua ClearAquarium maintenance
PIP AquasanPonds, aquaculture maintenance
PIP Aquasan ProLarge ponds, lakes, aquaculture maintenance
PIP AquatecIndustrial water systems maintenance
PIP Aquatec CleanerIndustrial water systems cleaning
PIP Water PLUSAgriculture water systems

If you are interested in using our range of probiotic products in your company, please contact our sales team.

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