Since its foundation in 1989, Chrisal has focused on the development and production of powerful cleaners and degreasers for the automotive industry, with maximum respect for people and the environment. Over the past years we have been able to count a number of distinguished organizations among our customers, for cleaning trains, planes and vehicles. Given that the potential industrial applications are very diverse, it is always advisable to have a Chrisal representative contact you. During an on-site visit, the best possible product can be chosen.

ACCPAircraft cleaningACC_10180 EN
ACSGAircraft cleaningACS_10240 EN
ACI DGAircraft cleaningACI_12000 EN
Alkaline Rim cleanerCar cleanersVEL_20080 EN
Carwash Pro50Car cleanersCAR_11950 EN
Economic Universal cleaners and degreasersECO_10280 EN
PIP Allergy FreeProbiotic fabric sprayPIP_36070 EN
PIP Carpet cleanerProbiotic cleanerPIP_60130 EN
Shampoo & WaxCar cleanersS&W_33640 EN
Super CMF-240Industrial degreaserSUP_10000 EN

If you are interested in using our range of probiotic products in your company, please contact our sales team.

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