PIP Healthcare


PIP Healthcare

For years Chrisal has been a forerunner in innovative cleaning products for the health care sector. After years of research by international academic institutions, it has been demonstrated that the probiotic PIP Healthcare products offer a solution to hospital bacteria.

Ecolabel Universal CleanerEcologic cleaner
Ecolabel Economic GreenEcologic cleanerECO_10285 EN
Ecolabel Sanitary CleanerEcologic cleanerZYM_14190 EN
Ecolabel Floor CleanerEcologic cleanerZYM_14175 EN
Ecolabel Machine Floor CleanerEcologic cleanerZYM_14170 EN
Economic Universal cleaners and degreasersECO_10280 EN
Economic ProProbiotic degreasersPIP_60156 & PIP_65156 EN
Glass Cleaner ExtraGlass cleanerGLR_11000 EN
Organic DescalerDescalerOKO_12480 EN
PIP Allergy FreeProbiotic fabric sprayPIP_36070 EN
PIP Hand SoapProbiotic hand soapPIP_60240 EN
PIP InteriorProbiotic cleanerPIP_60150 EN
PIP Lite InteriorProbiotic cleanerPIP_65250 EN
PIP HandGelProbiotic handgelPIP_60215 EN
PIP SaniGelProbiotic cleanerPIP_60350 EN
PIP SanitaryProbiotic cleanerPIP_60190_ EN
PIP Lite SanitaryProbiotic cleanerPIP_65290 EN
PIP Carpet CleanerProbiotic cleanerPIP_60130 EN
PIP FloorProbiotic cleanerPIP_60175 EN
PIP Lite FloorProbiotic cleanerPIP_65275 EN
PIP Floor ScrubProbiotic cleanerPIP_60170 EN
PIP Lite Floor ScrubProbiotic cleanerPIP_65270 EN

If you are interested in using our range of probiotic products in your company, please contact our sales team.

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