PIP Animal


PIP Animal

With the advent of probiotic cleaning products Chrisal has caused a real breakthrough in animal care and hygiene for professional growers. Both breeders of a variety of animal species and animal parks have already experienced the many benefits of Chrisal probiotic Animal Housing products. Given that the potential applications for animal husbandry are very diverse, it is always advisable to have a Chrisal representative contact you. During an on-site visit, the best possible product can be chosen, and you will receive the necessary instructions on the best way to use the products.

Whether it is about keeping animals for a living, or keeping animals as a hobby, their health comes first. Healthy animals are happier and moreover, they are more productive and more profitable. We are very proud of the fact that, after a thorough assessment, the famous ‘Artis’ zoo in Amsterdam has chosen to use Chrisal probiotic products to keep the animal accommodation clean and hygienic in the best possible, sustainable way.

Economic ProProbiotic degreasersPIP_60156 & PIP_65156 EN
PIP Animal Housing CleanerProbiotic foam cleanerPIP_36020 EN
PIP Animal Housing StabilizerProbiotic sprayPIP_36030 EN
PIP Aqua ClearProbiotic water treatmentPIP_36110 EN
PIP Hand SoapProbiotic hand soapPIP_60240 EN
PIP Pond PlusProbiotic water treatmentPIP_36090 EN
PIP Pond ProProbiotic water treatmentPIP_36190 EN
PIP HandGelProbiotic handgelPIP_60215 EN
PIP SaniGelProbiotic cleanerPIP_60350 EN
PIP Plus WaterProbiotic water treatmentPIP_36080 EN

If you are interested in using our range of probiotic products in your company, please contact our sales team.

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