Industrial cleaning products – for pure power

Since its foundation in 1989, Chrisal has focused on the development and production of powerful, industrial cleaners and degreasers, with maximum respect for people and the environment. Given that the potential industrial applications are very diverse, it is always advisable to have a Chrisal representative contact you. During an on-site visit, the best possible product can be chosen.

Universal Cleaner Extra Universal cleaners and degreasers
Universal Cleaner SuperUniversal cleaners and degreasers
BAC Grease trapIndustrial (waste) water treatment
BAC Waste Water controllerIndustrial (waste) water treatment
BAC Unblocking agentPreventive pipe cleaner
BAC Foam ExtraIndustrial degreaser
Economic Universal cleaners and degreasers
Economic ProProbiotic degreasers
Enzyme cleaner LiquidEnzyme cleaner/degreaser
Glass cleaner ExtraGlass cleaner
Iso Universal cleanerUniversal cleaners and degreasers
Descaler ExtraDescaler
Descaler SuperDescaler
Degreaser ExtraIndustrial degreaser
Degreaser SuperIndustrial degreaser
Organic DescalerDescaler
Stripper ExtraIndustrial degreaser
Super CMF240Industrial degreaser
Carpet cleaner ExtraIndustrial carpet cleaner
Floor Cleaner ExtraIndustrial cleaner
Floor Cleaner SuperIndustrial degreaser
Floor shine cleanerUniversal cleaners and degreasers

If you are interested in using our range of probiotic products in your company, please contact our sales team.

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