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Our mission:
To create a healthy living environment for people, animals and nature by combating bacterial resistance without using disinfectants.

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Our mission

Once upon a time, there was a little girl…

Corrie Gielen, the successful owner of Chrisal, produces environmentally-friendly cleaning products for the industrial sector.

His granddaughter, Laura, was born with a rare illness that compromised her immune system so severely that she had to live in a care home.

Laura’s problem was her living environment, as the damage to her immune system was making her extremely vulnerable to bacterial infections. Grandpa Corrie decided to dedicate all his energy and expertise to improving life for his granddaughter.

He found a solution: probiotics!

It became Corrie’s mission in life to develop a solution to make life easier for Laura. He focussed his research on probiotics. The problem was that until then, no one had ever managed to make probiotics effective and stable for external use. Corrie Gielen eventually managed to find a biological process that stabilised the probiotics. From then, things started to move quickly. Corrie had several tests conducted by a German research laboratory. The results were astounding.

Chrisal’s breakthrough is fantastic news! Finally there was a solution to help Laura. The product was tested in Laura’s care home with impressive results. The risk of infections was reduced by 65%! After just 3 months of the probiotic treatment, Laura was well enough to be able to spend weekends at home with her sisters.

The world’s first effective probiotic cleaning product was now a fact!

Because her granddaughter’s health came first and foremost, Corrie provided the products to the care home free of charge. But despite the convincing results and spectacular improvement in Laura’s living situation and to everyone’s amazement, the conservatively-minded manager of the care home decided to stop using the product. She hid behind the fact that there were not yet any scientific studies on the use of probiotic cleaning agents and refused to listen to all the convincing arguments. Once more, Laura’s room was treated with chemical disinfectants.

The consequences for little Laura were drastic: her health declined dramatically and in January 2009, she died as the result of a bacterial infection.

Probiotic products are available for everyone

From that day onwards, it has been Chrisal’s mission to give people all over the world access to the benefits of probiotic cleaning and personal care products.

Since then, Chrisal has gained 14 years’ experience in probiotic maintenance and personal care products, investing continuously in Research & Development. Today, Chrisal is the global leader in completely natural hygiene products that are safe for both people and planet.

Chrisal’s probiotic products are currently sold in 58 countries.